Friday, September 20, 2013

hello. site news!

we'll be moving the site to tumblr in the next couple of days. basically, it is 2013 and not 2001. we just need to move on. blogspot is dead, man. long live tumblr.

this means a few things:

  1. it will definitely be updated more consistently, because tumblr makes it way more fun to just add a video or a rad photo or a short text post or whatever. dedicating time to watching entire fucking shows is a bit much. i'm 31. i'm not 19 anymore. i got a job n shit, you guys. i always want to talk about wrestling, but i feel like i have to put way too much effort into it with the way this site is set up. fuck effort. who wants to see PIX n VIDZ? (everyone applauds)
  2. it will be more fun to follow, because of all those things and also because tumblr is better than blogspot, which is dead, man.
  3. actually, that's about all it means. that and you'll have to bookmark a new site. it will be the same as this site's url but instead of blogspot, it will be tumblr. the migration has started, but i'll have to wait until saturday morning to finish transferring everything.
  4. i'll probably never finish the wcw project. let's be serious. i'm too old.
  5. (i'll probably finish it sometime. let's be serious.)

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