Saturday, December 24, 2011

One Match: Necro Butcher vs Mark Savior (WVWA/KCWE, Oct. 1, 2011)

Necro Butcher (w/Sage) vs Mark Savior (WVWA/KCWE, Oct. 1, 2011)

Mark Savior looks like a trucker. I don't mean that as a good or bad thing. He looks like a trucker who scares hipster travelers and their girlfriends when they stop to eat at the Country Pride, but then you give it a minute, and someone he knows comes in to sit with him, and you get to observe that he might be a lot friendlier and nicer than you or your bitch girlfriend. Necro's valet is an overweight woman, although she cares about her hair so that's more tan I can say for Bobby Fulton. The crowd has hateful taunts for her, and Necro, now bald but still barefoot, covers her ears. The referee is a girl. Fuck I love so many things about West Virginia. I need to start watching Mountain State again.

There's maybe 25 people here. A fat woman in the front row is shouting insults at Sage. Savior gets color pretty fast, and now they head to the two-high bleachers for some sit and poke. A girl who will one day be a loud fat woman gets right there to take some video with her phone.

This is chaos, but not in the way that like, Necro Butcher vs Mr Insanity is chaos. There's not a whole lot going on violently with the wrestlers yet, but they are not the focal point. Butcher slams Savior with a chair but still, the focus is on the shit-talking women, overwhelming the action. Now the fat woman from the crowd is having to be physically restrained by the referee. "You think you're so big and bad!"

This is outstanding. Necro's just chillin' for the most part here, as Mark Savior isn't here to do anything but take a little beating. "Bitch!" A toothless woman is screaming incessantly. Not seen, but heard. The sounds of Necro's bare feet smacking the concrete as he moves around the outside doing a move here, a move there is pretty fun. Savior finally gets a couple punches in and tosses Necro from the apron to the concrete, where he was supposed to hit chairs, I think, but did not. Savior takes over with some chairshots to the back. "Kick the shit out of him, Mark!" Necro's bloodied now, and with Savior in control, he headbutts the referee and leaves. That is awesome - the indy star Necro Butcher makes the local guy look too tough and bails like a pussy. It might be this match that makes me like the Necro Butcher as a wrestler and not just as a dude.

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