Friday, December 16, 2011

NWA World Championship Wrestling (1988-02-27)

Eventually I'm going to get back into the WCW Mission From God shit, but for now I'm just getting myself back in a metal mood.

So here's NWA World Championship Wrestling from February 27, 1988. Let's talk about it.

Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross AND David Crockett? Does it get better? No.

It doesn't. The Sheepherders are here to talk about stuff. The Lightning Express are a thorn in their bloody side. Let's wrestle everyone!!!

Sting vs John Savage

If I was John Savage, and I had those abs, I think I'd just forfeit. This is not going to go well for me, I don't expect. No bell or anything, let's just lock it up. And there's a bodyslam. So let's lock it up again. OK clean break, clean break. Thanks Sting. Oh eye rake for you Sting! Ah shit I've been shoulderblocked. A little girl in the crowd thinks it's too loud at SuperStation TBS. It doesn't seem that loud to me. Oops, it's over. I've submitted. Well fuck.

Sting talks after the match, giving us an interesting bit on how Flair goes "woo" and he goes "oww." Sting was not so good at promos, but he is not from outer space, nor is he Loony Tunes or anything.

Shane Douglas & Ricky Santana vs The Cruel Connection

Fucking Shane Douglas. Ricky Santana is the latin sensation who has come to the NWA with a lot of power. What sucks most about trying to hate on Shane Douglas here in almost 2012 is that I like Shane Douglas more than almost anyone in WWE today. Maybe more than anyone. The hot young tag team of the future wins when Douglas hits the belly-to-belly on Chubby Cruel.

Weird Fantasics promo video that doesn't show them at all.

Road Warrior Animal, sans makeup, is talking in his normal voice. That's a good bandana.

The Lightning Express vs The Sheepherders

The Lightnings are super fast and smooth and cool as hell, as you can see by their teamwork and haircuts and trust in one another. But the Sheepherders are tough and stuff. This will have bearings on the NWA's top 10, for sure.

Nothing winds up settled in this matchup -- the Lightnings should win, of course, but they only get the duke by DQ. These Sheepherders. I don't know about them.

Here's a video bit on where the Crockett Cup will be held. Greenville and Greensboro.

Speaking of tag teams.

The Midnight Express vs Curtis Thompson & Cody Starr

I don't know, I fell asleep until my loud ass neighbors woke me up. I do remember Luger and Windham wrestled after this against some dudes. I'm sure the right guys all won.

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