Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 PWI 500 Project: Bodie Williams (#468)

468. Bodie Williams

Bodie Williams vs Scott Titus (EPW)

Back to West Virginia on April 29 for another match from EPW's Night of the Elite VII. We earlier saw Sinister Cross (#498) vs Griffen (#484) from this same show.

I seriously love West Virginia indy wrestling. What's some bullshit, unless they come up later, is the NWA Mountain State boys are getting no love here. Ricky Shane is better than all these motherfuckers so far.

Bodie is a surfer douche with blond hair sort of name, and Bodie Williams does not disappoint. Also, tassels, so hell yeah. Bodie Williams coulda been a Saturday Night cruiserweight in a different time and place, or a prettyboy brought in to get chokeslammed by 911, or a Velocity scrub even just a few years back.

Not to be weird or nothin, but I think Scott Titus is working with a boner. They wind up brawling out of the arena, and Bodie Williams loses the footrace back to the ring. This was OK and I can live with a countout finish. There's business to settle here.

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