Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 PWI 500 Project: Sabian (#466)

466. Sabian

Sabian vs Prodigy (UCW)

Summer-y. July 7 upload. UCW DDTv Episode #28. UCW is based in PA. I know Sabian vaguely through CZW clips on Botchamania. Nothing associated with CZW is good in my experience, but let's see here. I'm up for a fair shake.

This is joined in progress and they're brawling around ringside. And an old man with a cane would seriously prefer that Sabian not hit Prodigy with his cane. Some people just can't walk so good. Not everything's a weapon to be used.

So Prodigy takes some other cane from right by the same guy. Maybe that was the mixup. Did Sabian stop working CZW? Was he injured for a portion of the year? This seems low for a guy I've heard of on a full-time schedule is all. There's a sound difference between the high hard cam and the handheld that keeps surprising me.

This match is, uh, well, it's about what I expected. That's not a good thing. Sabian has a frog splash. It cannot end this match. Then they're out on the ring apron and Prodigy picks him up in a Samoan drop and drops him down. And that's it. It just ends like that.

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