Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 PWI 500 Project: Preston Maxwell (#487)

487. Preston Maxwell

The All-Americans (Preston Maxwell & Austin Storm) vs Cowboy Troy Hansen & Johnny Jackson (MWA/MMW)

This is a lucha show from September 16 in Omaha. It's outdoors and apparently chilly because Maxwell is in a hoodie on the apron to start the match. Then there's some music play. Then there's not. I mean the match has already started. Then some more music. Then not.

This is something else already. There's a fellow on the PA speaking Spanish and being weird the whole match. Eventually Maxwell takes his hoodie off while Austin Storm takes a beating in the ring. He's wrestling in a bandana. The All-Americans take liberties and cheat and the like.

This kinda sucks. Tag team wrestling has gone to hell. Maxwell and Storm win. Can we stop having guys in wrestling with the last name "Storm"? Shit's played out.

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