Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 PWI 500 Project: Peter B. Beautiful (#497)

497. Peter B. Beautiful

Peter B. Beautiful vs Ripped Robbie Patterson (UPW)

This is from November 26 at UPW's November Reign in Escanaba, Michigan. For those who have no idea where Escanaba, Michigan, is, it's in the goddamned upper peninsula, which is beautiful and all, but we're talking as close to non-civilization as anything in the United States. Which is awesome, and I think it's rad that someone is running wrestling there, but it's out there, man.

This is at some night club and I think Rhino was on the card, and I know Peter B. Beautiful would later lose to Raven on the card, because I saw some pictures and a Raven promo here he insulted Peter's abilities and talents and shit.

Anyway, if you know Peter B. Beautiful's name, it's because he's "The Hardcore Homo," and also because Ian Rotten "beat him up" about 10 years ago on an IWA Mid-South show and then again, to a lesser extent, on an MAW show. It was that Ian Rotten nonsense where he pretends he's the Don of Pro Wrestling and weeding out the suckers, which he would later repeat with that other idiot, but I don't have a great desire to go into my feelings on Ian Rotten right now. Nor are they any different than the feelings of a million (well...) other people, so whatever. He put on some good shows. I'll give him that.

Anyway, this is only like a minute long, as you can see, but:

1. It's Peter B. Beautiful, so who gives a fuck?
2. There's not a lot of 2011 footage of Peter B. Beautiful floating around, because who gives a fuck?

Ripped Robbie is not ripped at all but, rather, he is another fat man with a funny name. Robbie has a moment, then Peter finishes him with a chair and a ringing bell sound effect is played.

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