Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 PWI 500 Project: Milo Beasley (#496)

496. Milo Beasley

Milo Beasley vs Wayne VanDyke (Vintage Wrestling)

September 3 from Sanford, Florida. There are a couple other Beasley matches on YouTube, but I picked this one. That's part of the crapshoot here. All for kicks.

Alright, party foul #1: Milo Beasley comes out to a tribute song for a guy who blew his head off. I just don't get the thing where you're like, "Yeah! That got blew his brains all over the place! Now it's time to wrestle!" Bad song choice. There's a million Pennywise songs and they all sound about the same.

Milo Beasley is all dirty and shit and I guess he's supposed to be a bum or something. Bums don't like Pennywise. They like Lagwagon. Milo with a hiptoss AND an armdrag AND an ARMDRAG. Vandyke is upset about having his hair pulled. OH YOU FUCK your hair was not pulled.

This guy's full of shit.

Going back to the thing where I admit and realize that the IWA Mid-South shows in 2004-05 had a lot of fucking horrible matches, this was the opener of this show and is way, way, way, way, way better than most of those IWA openers, which generally included Trik Davis when he was still hella green. Maybe Trik Davis still wrestles. I don't know. Maybe he doesn't. Maybe he has a blog. Like me!

The crowd at the Salvation Army Megaplex is solidly behind Milo Beasley, and he responds to their support by mounting a comeback which allows him to put the hurt on Little Wayne. Chops! Chops are always fun. Wayne gets a second of his own comeback, but then runs into a back elbow and is pinned.

I get the feeling there are better Milo Beasley matches. Maybe I'll watch some of those someday.

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