Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 PWI 500 Project: Kwan Chang (#481)

481. Kwan Chang

Kwan Chang vs Ricky Ray (TWA)

TWA is another Ontario indy and this was uploaded in January. Following the AHTU disaster I probably can't really hate this unless it's truly the worst match I've seen in years, and even then it might be funny enough to beat AHTU.

Kwan Chang is the bigger man. He makes that very clear since you can't ignore it. I believe this may be filmed by Ricky Ray's mom, wife, aunt, or female cousin. A sister could never care this much. "Don't take that from him!"

Rude awakenings are difficult to do to a much smaller man. Kwan Chang believes he had three, but he's informed by Aunt Ray to "go back to school," and then some other broad picks up on it by informing Kwan Chang to "go back to kindergarten." I like when people expand on a joke like that.

Eventually they settle down as Kwan Chang begins to firmly take over, but once Ricky Ray gets the momentum back they're right back in the mix, attempting to start chants. It doesn't really work. Ricky misses a senton and gets drilled with two kicks to the chest. "Don't take that from him! He's a bully! Don't let the bully take ya!" Then Kwan Chang makes him submit.


Aunt Ricky Ray made this match for me. Particularly "damn."

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