Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 PWI 500 Project: Justin Sane (#494)

494. Justin Sane

Justin Sane vs Johnny Wave (EWLS)

April 30 from EWLS Wrestletainment in Brooklin, Ontario.

Justin Sane is black, which I didn't expect after listening to and laughing at Anti-Flag when I was 15 years old. Even then I knew that band sucked. Camera angle sucks and quality of video isn't good so I won't judge Justin Sane too harshly considering I can hardly see him with that bizarre swirling background AND THEN A BABY LAUGHED?

This is fucked up. This is honestly one of the weirdest looking wrestling matches I've ever watched.

I can't really focus on this, plus from what I can manage to tell it's not that good or anything. Some dude keeps saying "No way. No way. No way." I hate Canadians so much.

I think they're doing some athletically impressive things but this is just not my kind of wrestling in any way. It's all lighty and fluffy and perhaps with better video quality I could find something to love on here, but as it is it's just an appetizer - OH FUCK YEAH Justin Sane with the BIG BOOT. MAFFA KEEICK.

Then back to jumping! and flying! I hate flying. Except when I don't. Wave counters something or other with a rollup. It seems too early in the video's run time for Big Indy Finish, so I think we're just back to a turned tide again.

Buncha near falls and crap. This match is hard to follow. Maybe it's too intellectual for me. Then I think it ends in a time limit draw. Well that was a huge fucking waste of my time.

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