Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 PWI 500 Project: Damien Kass (#479)

479. Damien Kass

Damien Kass vs Tim Lutz (SWA)

This took place on August 7 in Middletown, Ohio, so we're back in Ohio now.

Kass has another douchey indy manager, this is the sport jacket and sunglasses so you know I make above minimum wage sort of indy manager.

This is hard to follow and at one point the camera turns fucking sideways. That's strange. I don't think I much care for this match at all. This is worked very much in a 1989 houes show sort of manner. There's even a back rake. Clearly Little Timmy Lutz is not going to win this match but he will try very hard along the way!

The lady operating the camera is no Aunt Ricky Ray but she is helping somewhat. "Don't fall on my shit!"

Well this is the sort of match where, you know, some things happen. Then indy manager throws some powder in Little Timmy's eyes and Kass gets a rollup win. This was not of high quality.

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