Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 PWI 500 Project: Brandon Thurston (#495)

495. Brandon Thurston

Brandon Thurston vs James Santel (PWR)

Brandon Thurston competes in the aforementioned Empire State Wrestling, but I'm all about spreading my indy love around so this is from Pro Wrestling Rampage in Erie, PA, on December 3.

Thurston looks like a Davey Richards type at first glance. By the way, though the first time I saw Davey Richards I was stupid drunk and thought he was incredible, I later softened my boner upon further inspection. But that said I don't hate Davey Richards for being all GRR SERIOUS. He's pretty fucking good. Santel looks like...1999.

I can tell by the handful of people clapping faster and faster that this is supposed to be a good match for the area. Smack to yo shit from Brandon Thurston. Smack to yo shit from James Santel! I can dig it. They should pretend they're going to wrestle and then beat the fuck out of each other. I think I'm in the mood for that kind of match right now.

Santel gets the upperhand and has made clear he won't be a whipping boy for Thurston, who has to take a moment and brace himself to take this match perhaps more seriously than he planned. Running forearm in the corner. A second misses. Thurston is very emotive; AHHH!! as he runs. Santel wears tassels on his arms. That's awesome. Not enough tassels in wrestling anymore.

This is definitely the indy strong style match i thought I was thirsting for, but maybe I'm really not. I think a bigger problem is that for every series of Brutal Forearms thrown by Thurston, Santel responds with a series of loopy punches that don't exactly look devastating or "strong."

But he has tassels. So. I'm torn on this. Thurston definitely has the better strikes, but he's willing to act like Santel is tearing him apart with his weak return fire. They go into a bit where Santel keeps trying to get a superplex but is shoved off three times, and Thurston finally lands a flying DDT. It only gets two.

Thurston with rolling suplexes now. German, pin, kickout, held, belly-to-back, pin, kickout, held, German again. There's some dude in the crowd screaming more than these two, and they both love to scream. Big ass German suplex from Thurston comes close to finishing it, but does not. Thurston has a conversation with the referee.

Now we go into the big indy finish. Santel with a rollup, kickout. Santel with a superkick and a gutwrench power bomb, and that does it.

This was alright. It was like Baby's First Roderick Strong or something.

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