Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 PWI 500 Project: Biff Slater (#472)

472. Biff Slater

Biff Slater vs Eddie Taurus (ASW)

Back to Florida in the ASW promotion, this one is heavyweight champ Biff Slater against eddie Taurus on April 29. Wayne Van Dyke (previously seen against Milo Beasley (#496)) is in Taurus' corner.

Biff Slater looks like he might've played a little linebacker in college, but does not look like the preppy Mean Street Posse type you might expect of a dude name'a Biff Slater. Slater starts fast and he's towering over little Eddie Taurus, just beating his ass. Indies are tough visually sometimes since you so often wind up with the big bully babyface beating the shit out of the little turd heel, a man who inevitably will beg for mercy as Eddie Taurus does here, only to be kicked in the face.

This looks like a pro wrestling match, which I like. Eddie gets a figure-four and Biff is suitably in great pain from the devastating hold. I keep hearing the two-kid chants of "Let's go Biff" as "Let's go Sid" and then I imagined Sid running in and chokeslamming both of these ham-n-eggers and that was fun.

Slater gets counted down a couple times in the figure four, but is up at two. Now he's gonna roll it over. Man, it's been a while since I've seen a good figure four spot. Biff, he needs a rally but his knee, it's just gone on him. he catches Eddie in a belly-to-belly for a near-fall. Better than Shane Douglas' belly-to-belly suplex anyway.

Augh, referee kicked in the head by Taurus when Slater ducks one. But it's no biggie, really. Just the ref getting hit. Eventually business is back to normal as a new referee comes in. This is taking too long for a Dusty finish - OR IS IT? Van Dyke takes a shot off the apron, and then there's a belt shot from Taurus. Oh yeah, this is a Dusty finish. No, wait, it gets just two, and the bell rings anyway. Jesus Christ. u fukd up u fukd up

This has gone to hell. My belief is no longer suspended, FOLKS! Hulk Hogan or should I say TERRY. No room for this in 2011!!!!! Nuh uh!

Taurus with a German suplex, both refs count, and I'm betting they saw different winners from their vantage points. Ah, indeed they did. Original ref saw Slater lift a shoulder, second ref didn't. That original ref is a short motherfucker. So Slater keeps the belt. Whatever. This was alright but fell apart at the end.

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