Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 PWI 500 Project: Barry Hardy (#485)

485. Barry Hardy

Barry Hardy vs JC Money (P6W)

This is from week 63 of P6W Shakedown and went to YouTube on September 1. Now we're talking. "Bad Boy" Barry Hardy has been a wrestler for 243 years and was an enhancement talent for the WWF when I was a youngster. Here he is still wrestling. That's fuckin great.

JC Money is announced as weighing in at "a whole hell of a lot less than Barry Hardy." That Barry Hardy, the scuzzy motherfucker, is a fan favorite with that ... look in 2011, that's something too great. JC Money gets the mic and does the "uh oh I just used an insider term" bit and then he starts whining about how he's been in wrestling for 12 years and Barry Hardy was his trainer but he was mean or took his money or some shit. This is like a CM Punk-Rock feud except it's JC Money and Barry Hardy. The whole "you should be here all the time BUILDING THIS COMPANY 'cause we BUST OUR ASSES" deal.

Barry Hardy didn't bring JC Money a ringpop. He brought him AN ASS WHIPPIN. He pulled it from his groin!!

So 4:20 (HAHAH) into the video the bell rings. Barry Hardy clearly knows all the veteran tricks of the trade. This ring is so tiny. It's like putting the LJN wrestlers in a Hasbro ring. This PBP guy is screaming like Joe Rogan. WAITSECOND! Hardy gets disqualified due to a misunderstanding. How upsetting.

Barry Hardy vs...
The Ultimate Warrior
Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Nasty Boys (w/Duane Gill)
Rock n' Roll Express (w/Duane Gill)
Big Boss Man
Davey Boy Smith
Mr. Perfect
Demolition (w/Barry Horowitz)
Steiner Bros. (w/Reno Riggins)
Smoking Gunns (w/Mike Bell)
Smoking Gunns (w/Reno Riggins)
Tito Santana

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