Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 PWI 500 Project: AHTU (#482)

482. AHTU

AHTU vs Amaris (WORLD-1)

I think this is that stupid ass Steve Corino "I'm big in Japan" promotion but I barely remember this shit anymore and hardly cared back then. This is from July 31 in Jackson, NJ.

AHTU is kind of like a shrunken Alistair Overeem and he grunts and flexes to start the match, sending Amaris out to the floor in horrified, terrified fear. But he comes back, because this is is livelihood, and then the match begins.

AHTU continues to flex and make faces and noises and Amaris has a tough time ignoring the audience. AHTU does not sell your dickhead chops, asshole, he goes AHHHHHHHH. One of them press slam into knees to the gut deals from AHTU. Then he goes AHHHHHHHHHHH.

I fucking hate AHTU.

Amaris gets some offense in. Here's how AHTU sells: "AHHHHHHHH." I can't decide if I hate this audience, this ring, AHTU, or Amaris' crappy bantering with the audience I hate the most. AHHHHHH.

Oh my God I hate this match. There is nothing about what's going on here that I like. I'd rather watch Barry Hardy wrestle Jake Roberts NOW than watch this garbage. AHTU's punches are the worst of the first 19 guys and all of their opponents. This is all part of that bogus fucking #IWantWrestling kind of crap that Ring of Honor and its dork lovers brought into the world.

Oh look. A gore. Oh look a pumphandle Power Plant move. Man fuck this. Best part was when it ended. AHHHHHHH. They should call this guy Hi-Ki.

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