Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Sweet n' Sour" Larry Sweeney: 1981-2011

I just heard about the passing of Larry Sweeney tonight, after I heard about the retirement of Edge, so that shows about how plugged in I am at the moment. Sweeney was one of those guys who seemed to legitimately exist on a different plane than most of his peers. He would have fit in great as a manager in a different era, and brought a lot of that old school energy into the modern wrestling landscape, though to do it now you of course have to add in a lot of the silly humor, which he was quite good at. But in a different era he could have been something more -- not so much a comedy character, but a guy who drew serious heat. I imagine him in Texas more than anywhere. Texas or maybe Memphis. He would have been a hit.

My favorite live memory of Sweeney is from the one IWA Mid-South show in South Bend, Indiana. That card was ravaged by Sabu not showing up, which led to some juggaloes demanding refunds, and the show was without question the worst IWA Mid-South show I ever attended. Ian as usual didn't really promote the area, just sort of expected people to show up to the armory, which there is near basically nothing. Sweeney wrestled Nate Webb, with Webb in his "El Drunko" character. Any other night it might have been a very fun comedy match to break up the show, but sadly by then the show had gone to hell and almost everything had been a shitty comedy match, so it just didn't work. But Sweeney got a laugh at the end, when he recovered from being knocked out, reacting to the news that he couldn't beat El Drunko.

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