Sunday, February 6, 2011

Scott's TV Party: AWF Saturday Night Slam from Minnesota (Episode #36)

YES! YES! MY SUNDAY REALLY IS SUPER NOW! YES YES YES YES! What are YOU waiting for? The AWF is on the internet! This isn't even LISTED yet!

AWF Saturday Night Slam - Ep. 36 - 2011/02/05 (YouTube)

The AWF is determined to not let me forget that time "Livewire" Johnny Parks called a kilt a DRESS! He calls it a DRESS, don't you?!?!

We're still in Monticello, MN. YES!

Vacant AWF Heavyweight Title Match: Arya Daivari v. "Livewire" Johnny Parks

Who will take the burning AWF torch from the injured Tony DeNucci? I can't tell you how much I want Daivari to win this instead of the ultra-creepy guy. It's kind of like he's working a Johnny B. Badd-like gay gimmick, except he isn't. I wonder how Johnny Parks got to Minnesota to be a professional wrestler? Daivari is your young ring general, and the crowd has a sort of mixed reaction to Parks' corner 1979 babyface ten punch. Parks does an old man version of a chairless triple jump moonsault, going so far as to stop and get himself up to the middle rope after the run and stepover. After some nearfalls, Daivari hits his superkick and Mick Karch, as always, reacts like it's some kind of illegal maneuver. "OH WAIT A SECOND!" Like he just hit him with a crowbar. Ugh, ref bump. Well, ref squish. Daivari uses this opportunity to fetch the title belt and not use it, then Parks doesn't use it, then the referee takes it, and Daivari finds A CROWBAR I SWEAR TO GOD I DIDN'T KNOW for the win! YES! DAIVARI! CROWBAR! I AM CRISWELL! They're not getting close enough but I'm guessing that's the same WCW TV title replica.

Backstage Mick Karch is with -- no it's a WWF eagle belt replica -- Arya Daivari.

HOLY SHIT! Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie is in Tony DeNucci's corner!

Tony DeNucci & Principal Wagner v. Marius Thoruf & Chris Black & Angel Armoni

DeNucci is teaming with the school principal. After the intro this is joined in progress. Thoruf reminds me of John Nord and Dan Evensen. DeNucci reminds me of Strong Style Ian Rotten and Rockin' Rebel. Chris Black's Arabian guy pants are confusing. Principal Wagner gets a tag but the ref missed it. DeNucci keeps being beaten up until finally it's Principal Wagner with a stunner! Why Mick Karch calls it a "modified stunner" is something I can't figure, but Mick does lots of things I can't figure. DeNucci gets the pin so that Chris Black only has to lose to the crappy owner instead of the principal.

2/12: Parkers Prairie High School, MN
2/26: Elk River High School, MN
3/5: Melrose High School, MN


  1. It's so unfortunate that now it's considered a "classic" booking tactic to take so long with the tournament that by the time you crown the new champion, the dude who vacated is back and competing in the main event with the principal of the high school where you're holding the event.

    I was really excited to see the title match kick off the show thinking it might take up the entire half hour, but I was really conned there. I think that match just broke 7 minutes. Of course, it's not like there was a lot of other stuff those two could do to get it to take a bit longer...

    Interesting that they never mentioned who Parks beat to get to the tourney final, instead mysteriously referring to "a match in Iowa." Keeping Lenny Lane strong, or keeping Lenny Lane unmentioned and buried?

    I've probably said this before, but it's a real shame you don't get to see the commercials for this show. They're all for local businesses in towns I suspect have less than 5,000 people and they all feature Tony DeNucci.

    Now that the only angle I've ever seen on this show (WHO CROWBARRED TONY DeNUCCI??? WAS IT THE GUY WITH THE CROWBAR???) has wrapped up, it'll be interesting to see where they go next. Well, besides Parkers Prairie (population: 1009).

    I suppose I should have posted this to The W, but it's not likely anybody besides you would talk about it anyway - well, except...never mind. I'm better off here.

  2. Oh AND, how about how they bring up the "Join us on Facebook/YouTube/Twitter" closing graphic just BEFORE the final pinfall was counted? Fine editing there.

    By the way, I think the principal missed the tag so Black can definitely file a protest there.

  3. I, too, thought the title match was going to make for a one-match show, but I guess I can't say I'm disappointed when I visualize in my mind a 20-minute Johnny Parks match. Seeing DeNucci back in action kind of confused me; I mean, I'm still new to this whole deal, but the impression I got a couple shows back was he was still on the shelf determining a comeback strategy. But there he is, hanging out with Principal Mr. Wagner. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! Mick Karch should be on Superstars or Impact.