Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brents Professional Wrestling YouTube Travels #2

Shiima Nobunaga vs. Ciclope - WCW Worldwide 14.03.1998
Well, I was trying to find a WCW Worldwide Atlantis match since that is what made me hate Atlantis, but I couldn't and randomly ended up on Shiima Nobunaga vs. Ciclope. Heenan calls Nobunaga "#53 on the menu" and Tony says Ciclope looks like a combination of The Great Pumpkin and The Cat In The Hat. There's your background on the men. Tony will not shut up about Ciclope looking like a pumpkin. For what it's worth Nobunaga is now CIMA.

Ciclope gets the submission win and that was honestly a really nice little 3:30 minute match. And Heenan gets one more shot out of mentioning the pumpkin a few more times and calling Nobunaga "Shamanamanama."

We've got La Parka, Psychosis, Villano IV, Villano V vs. Ultimo Dragon, Ciclope, Juventud Guerrera, Lizmark Jr.

It's a bit played out to say but holy shit do I miss these Nitro shows where you'd get stuff like this. Actually, through a few minutes this is a little bit choppy for one of these big lucha messes they used to put on. Villano V and Ciclope really shit up a brief segment, Ultimo and Psychosis looked really awkward. Now Lizmark has a weird segment. This is actually a pile of shit. Here's the part where there are a bunch of dives.

Ciclope misses pretty bad on a dive and hits the floor hard so Heenan saves it by saying that he has two eyes now. Juvi pins La Parka and that's that.

Well, this was a bit of a downer.

102As Wright (the current TV champ) walks to the ring some creepy redhead does a dumbass dance trying to be funny and his buddy "shitty facepaint Sting fan" loves it.

OH hey, there's Raven ringside. It's almost as if he materializes out of nowhere Tony says. It's a good thing he manages to materialize with building security next to him to keep people out of his hair. Boy, they're really trying to "go for it" and put on a good match but like everything Alex Wright it's just SO flat. You almost feel bad for the guy but at the same time how bad would you feel for an engineer who kept getting nice, high paying engineering jobs but was kind of shitty at actually, you know, being an engineer?

Okay, after a few minutes of the match it just gets full blown awful like you'd expect. Disco wins the TV title with the clashing cross body block spot. Tony insists this is unbelievable. The only thing unbelievable here was my decision to watch this match when there were plenty of other good related videos.

I backed myself into a really stupid corner with that last video as every single related jump I could make was a Disco Inferno or Alex Wright match. This was the shortest option available. Oh shit, I forgot about all the pushing of Assault on Devil's Island they were doing on Nitro since Sting was "the star."

Alex Wright jumps Goldberg as he's coming to the ring so Goldberg jackhammers him, then there's a spear and a jackhammer on Disco. Now Mongo runs into the ring and Goldberg tackles him and security breaks them up. Holy shit I love pull apart brawls even when they have Mongo.

102Well, I couldn't not see what came of this whole thing. This was supposed to happen at World War 3 but then didn't. The entrance music is too loud to hear the announcers. Goldberg goes out and meets Mongo in the entryway and they brawl a little. Goldberg picks Mongo up and carries him to the ring and it's pretty damn funny to see Mongo treated like a baby. Mongo's strikes suck. Mongo's hair sucks. Mongo sucks.

This match is pissing me off because Mongo is so soft with his strikes that it kind of neuters this being a clash of these big bruisers. The Goldberg spear for some reason ends up perpendicular because Mongo has no clue how to get tackled, but he was a defensive lineman so I suppose that's forgivable. There has been way too much time spent with Goldberg fucking with a table on the outside of the ring and Mongo is being outclassed by the still green Goldberg so this is just a big mess of awkward. All that table set-up was for Mongo to get punched and fall from the apron onto the table. The crowd chants "ECW, ECW" and I want them to die. Jackhammer follows Mongo not being able to pull off a slam because of a back injury from a small table bump. What a tough guy.

I'm done!
I'm stopping after only 5 matches because I forgot that once you get into a Goldberg match all related videos from then on are...more Goldberg matches. So that's it for me for now.

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