Friday, July 17, 2009

Sugar is sweet and so is honey

1. Austin Idol vs. Jim Neidhart

The beautiful thing about old school angles was the simplicity. Neidhart was pissed off that Idol called him a loser and he straight up beat him down. No back and forth brawling to make sure everyone came out strong, Jim just beat the piss out of him. I am a huge fan of the woman who screams "you big fuckin' jerk!" and then calls Neidhart a "motherfucker" in part 2.

The fact that these two are broken down into a state of pure hate over something so small just makes me love the old school shit. If the WWE tried to run this angle it'd take 5 weeks of run ins and brawls and then rushing them into a match on TV rather than just letting it build naturally. When you are putting guys in the ring together every week to build a match it makes the actual match much less special.

I'd never seen this angle before so when Idol showed up in part 2 I totally marked out. This was great.

2. Jerry Lawler vs. Austin Idol

How awesome is this?

3. Can't get enough Macho

Hogan, Macho and Warrior. Three dudes who were over as fuck and never made a damn bit of sense.

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