Monday, July 13, 2009

It's not "Wrestlecrap" if it didn't suck

1. Doink the Clown vs. Mr. Perfect

Heel Doink is one of my favorite characters ever. I absolutely don't mean that in an ironic way or anything. Matt Bourne just killed it as an evil clown in a way that I don't think anyone else could have. From the terrifying of children to actual in ring work it was just a great situation. A lot of what he did with his in ring stuff was just way sharper than you get from pretty much anyone in modern wrestling. For example, Doink sells Perfect's leg work really well going so far as to kind of shake his leg out while applying a sleeper...just smart stuff.

This was a King of the Ring qullifier rematch after the two went to a time limit draw the first time around. And they go to a time limit draw again this time. It's just such a sharp, short match that it makes all those half assed 5 minute WCW PPV matches I've been watching lately seem even worse.

The real shame is that Doink will be forever tied in to "wrestlecrap" culture because all people see is a clown, they remember face Doink (which was shit) and they have no clue who the real doink was as evidenced by the comments on the video claiming it was everyone from Chris Jericho to Barry Darsow...and god only knows how many kids think they're seeing the "real Doink" when they go to crappy indy shows.

One last thing, Bruce Prichard is great this match with things like claiming that Doink got a 3 count during the commercial break and also insisting that in both matches Doink was ahead on points. Just great stuff.

2. Tazz vs. Goldust

One "Tazzplex" and we get an "Oh shit!" from Goldust. I'd like to go back in a time machine to when Taz was dominating in ECW and tell the fans "he's going to go to the WWF and lose a hardcore title match to Goldust after getting hit with a trash can lid" just to see what kind of meltdown they have.

Anyway, it was pretty much the standard Hardcore Championship match. Just a quick flurry of guys hitting each other with shit and then a pin.

3. Goldust as Darth Vader

My only real question is...has Booker T really never watched Star Wars?

4. more

Yeah...only in America

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