Friday, July 24, 2009

I Want to Look Like The Missing Link

1. Iceman King Parsons vs. Brickhouse Brown

Iceman King Parsons is a pretty awesome guy, so that's the name I searched to get this chain going. First off, how fucking sweet is King's outfit? This match has awesome dancing, which just feeds into stereotypes doesn't it? Oh wrestling, will you ever learn to that we're all the same race? ...the human race.

It's a weird thing to get excited about but Brickhouse has great shoulder tackles. Jesus, Iceman is pretty awkward in action. I didn't remember that until right now. Sometimes you go into a match and then by the end realize you were totally wrong on who the real worker was. Brickhouse worked pretty hard to try and make the match work, on a charisma level it was fine and dandy but Parsons' lack of ability really held it back.

2. Kerry Von Erich vs. Kamala

Listening to a shoot interview with Kamala is about the most disappointing thing ever. "He was a nice guy" "oh yeah, he was wonderful" "oh, absolutely...great guy!" I want crazy road stories and tales of guys being assholes backstage, not to hear how nice everyone was. Still, what an awesome character. They were trying to pass him off as 6'10" though? Really? Kerry is listed at 6'3" and he is not over a half foot shorter. Kamala's wikipedia page has him listed at 6'7" which is a bit more realistic.

It has just been in recent days that I've started to appreciate WCCW and how good Kerry really was. He's just so damn firey and athletic. Just a perfect example of what a pro wrestler should be...except for the whole drug thing. The crowd is just so damn hot for the finish, watch for the woman at the bottom of the screen losing her shit. Amazing stuff.

3. Terry Gordy vs. The Missing Link

Link was one of my favorite wrestlers as a kid and I don't think I ever saw a match of his, just crazy ass pictures in books and magazines. The start of this match is just all "holy shit! look at em go!" and Badstreet USA is still playing. Holy shit, that's great. It slows down a bit from there, but picks back up after the match. ...I really need to watch more WCCW.

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