Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Hate Babydoll

1. Josh Barnett vs. Tank Abbott

This is a turd, but being an MMA writer and having been flooded with Josh Barnett information it was pretty much a sure thing that I had to watch a Barnett wrestling match. The less said, the better. These kinds of "worked MMA" matches usually suck, and this was one of the worst.

2. Black Bart vs. Gerald Finley

It's pretty weird that this showed up as a related video after that last one. But, it gets us back into actual pro wrestling. It's a pretty typical old school NWA squash but it follows a formula I hate. Bart works the arm, works the arm, works the arm and then finishes with a leg drop. What was the point of the arm work? Whatever...moving on.

3. Tully Blanchard vs. Larry Clarke

Tully! It has taken me a really long time to get into Tully Blanchard. I know he is fucking awesome, but something about Babydoll just bugs the shit out of me. She just damages every match of his I watch and I can't really explain why. Scott thinks it's weird of me, but it's really just one of those things that happens.

Still, Blanchard is awesome and this is an entertaining quick little match.

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