Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I can get Okerland out here to work with me ya know!

1. Repo Man vs. Papa Shango

This match just feels like my childhood. There was a period where I wasn't even watching wrestling on a regular basis, I just was subscribing to WWF Magazine and reading them over and over to learn about characters and the event recaps. These two were all over those magazines as they were just perfect guys to read about with their crazy ass gimmicks.

This was a plodding turd of a match between two guys who were way better in print than in the ring. Add to that a weird ass ending where Shango fireworks at Repo so both guys get DQ'ed. Repo Man probably should have thrown a fit for getting DQ'ed for being shot at but instead grabs his hook.

What made this match even worse is that these were two complete heels so the crowd just did not give a shit who won. Oh well...moving on

2. Skinner vs. ???

Boy, you'd think Skinner would be able to not drool his chew all over. I mean, I know some country motherfuckers but I've never seen anyone have so little control over their chew. Oh, and Jamison is there at ringside real purpose as per usual. Oh Jesus! Nevermind. He was there to get spit on by Skinner.

Skinner with a Pedigree-ish move and an inverted DDT for the finish which were both moves slightly ahead of their time. Other than those moves this was just a really weak squash over a guy who was never even named.

3. Texas Tornado/Greg Valentine/Jimmy Snuka vs. Beverly Brothers & Tanaka

This seemed like a really interesting match via the title even though I really hate the Beverly Bros. So I figured it was worth a shot.

HOLY FUCK! I forgot how small Tanaka was!

This is an alright TV match and man was Von Erich over, which always makes watching is matches a little bit sad. In fact, let's go one more match just to get the sad out.

4.Big Bully Busick vs. Brooklyn Brawler'

When this started I was thinking "this is going to be stupid" but fuck it, when they start yelling at each other about how "you ain't nothin' pal!" it got me. Yeah, Busick was a completely random and dumbshit gimmick but there is fun to be had with it. Of course the match is shit but there is just so much manly grunting and Busick's fucking sweet 'stache. The real problem though is Bully has no clue what he is doing. Like, he doesn't bump right...ever.

Clever little ending to the match and I'm way too confused on if I actually enjoyed this or not.

...god dammit

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