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Friday, September 20, 2013

hello. site news!

we'll be moving the site to tumblr in the next couple of days. basically, it is 2013 and not 2001. we just need to move on. blogspot is dead, man. long live tumblr.

this means a few things:

  1. it will definitely be updated more consistently, because tumblr makes it way more fun to just add a video or a rad photo or a short text post or whatever. dedicating time to watching entire fucking shows is a bit much. i'm 31. i'm not 19 anymore. i got a job n shit, you guys. i always want to talk about wrestling, but i feel like i have to put way too much effort into it with the way this site is set up. fuck effort. who wants to see PIX n VIDZ? (everyone applauds)
  2. it will be more fun to follow, because of all those things and also because tumblr is better than blogspot, which is dead, man.
  3. actually, that's about all it means. that and you'll have to bookmark a new site. it will be the same as this site's url but instead of blogspot, it will be tumblr. the migration has started, but i'll have to wait until saturday morning to finish transferring everything.
  4. i'll probably never finish the wcw project. let's be serious. i'm too old.
  5. (i'll probably finish it sometime. let's be serious.)







Hello! Here are my brief thoughts on the book The Hardcore Truth by Bob "Hardcore" Holly with Ross Williams:

A basic, solid rasslin bio from a basic, solid rassler. What makes it stand out is that Holly's tone and phrasing is really genuine and occasionally hilarious. He shoots it pretty straight about everything, although he's as inconsistent with his claims and beliefs as any of them are, really. One glaring hilarity is that Holly bitches about having untalented guys put over by good workers, when they could just use the good workers, then goes to bat for Sid Eudy, one of the least talented big lumps of muscle to ever lumber through the industry, because he and Sid were friends. "They could have made a lot of money with Sid," he says, as if nobody ever tried to make a lot of money with Sid. But he's got some good thoughts on Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Chyna, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Matt Cappotelli, Jim Ross, Bart Gunn, JBL, Vince McMahon, and most interestingly, complex feelings about Triple H. Worth reading, and it's a briskly told story, which is kind of nice to have rather than some grand epic detailing every hiptoss he threw training with Bob Sweetan.

I give this book 3 things out of 5 points.

Here are five of my favorite Bob Holly quotes from this book:

On Memphis

"The most I ever made working for Jeff's useless fucking Pappy was $189 for two weeks' work. ... Jeff was a real dickhead back then. Still is, as far as I'm concerned."

On Kevin Nash's toughness

"Nash is the biggest seven-foot-tall pussy I've ever seen in my life and Bret Hart would have eaten him for lunch. I'd tell Nash that to his face, too -- because he wouldn't do jackshit to me."

On the Shawn Michaels-Bret Hart backstage fight

"Now, I would have marched right over to Shawn and knocked all his teeth out but Bret got into a hair-pulling contest with him instead."

On Shawn

"Shawn Michaels is the greatest wrestler of all time, hands down. If you want proof, go watch the hour-long match he did with John Cena on RAW in England back in 2007. Cena can't wrestle and he can't lead a match. Every single bit of that match was Shawn."

On Bart Gunn & motherfuckers

"Bart went on to the final against Bradshaw and knocked him out colder than a well digger's ass. There were rumors that, after Bart had knocked out Steve Williams, they told Godfather and Bradshaw to take a dive. Why would anybody drop their hands to get knocked out, especially when there's a lot of money on the line? Bart just knocks motherfuckers out; end of story."

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WWE Raw 9/16/13 increases my budding love for "The Modern Product"

Scott said that Tape Machines was coming back "fucking soon," but then we just...didn't. But now I'm here and that's something. We've both talked about it plenty in the past, but it's always cycles for us with wrestling. We won't watch for a while, then we're watching hours and hours a day for a few months and so on.

I've got all kinds of stuff I'm currently watching and have half written up, but the exciting thing (for me, anyway) is that I'm into "The Modern Product" for the first time in a very, very long time.

Scott invited "the boys" over to watch SummerSlam and I found the show top to bottom fantastic. There's a way that wrestling promotions feel when they're clicking. You can watch a show and even the dead matches have something going for them.

I'm not saying that the current WWE is peak years NWA or anything, but they're really doing things right. And, it seems they've finally addressed the issue with being a "PG" company and reconciled the necessary violence of pro wrestling with just not bleeding all over the place and having a focus on tits. I love blood in my pro wrasslin', but I can learn to live without it if everything else is going well.

Monday's Raw was tremendous in terms of furthering the main narrative of the company. They've slowly built the tension between Triple H, the McMahons and the locker room to the point where they had to take the big next step or it was going to overcook.

So Stephanie pushes Orton to become the psychotic, out of control monster he used to be which leads to him doing the ol' stomp on the head neck in a chair to The Miz (about the best possible use for him). The "Big Show is broke so he keeps doing shit that is tearing him up emotionally" thing goes to the next level when he is forced to knock out old ass Dusty Rhodes (and they pull off the perfect thing with him hitting him, then cradling him and laying him down). The locker room watches Dusty get carted  off. Daniel Bryan's title win is voided because of a "conspiracy" involving a fast count which combines with the Dusty thing to solidify the locker room as having been collectively pushed too far and...well:

It's not exactly Luger winning the world title over Hogan on Nitro. But it was a hell of a pop considering it was a bunch of scrubs (and Dolph *yay!*) for the most part making the save and celebrating as the show went off the air.

Also, at one point Paul Heyman kissed Ryback.

Wrestling is so great...

Monday, February 18, 2013

WWE Elimination Chamber 2013

 Here is this!

Team Rhodes Scholars vs Brodus Clay & Tensai

Despite breaking up the Rhodes/Sandow team, they've got fuck all nothin' to do with either of them, so they came up with a flimsy reason to put them in the free match against the fat dancers, who soon will have fit and chiseled competition from FahnDONgooo. It was a reunion, b/c the fans wanted it, which of course the fans did not, BOO. Still, this was less flimsy than the deplorable Matt Striker attempting to explain why Clay took a back bump when he was dropkicked in the back of the head by Sandow as he had Rhodes in his clutches. Striker, who does get credit for thinking fast, I'll say that, explained that Rhodes pushed off which caused Brodus to fall backwards. It was stupid, but what can you do? Brodus & Tensai are a fucking awful tag team with no chemistry but like a dickhead wearing a unicorn t-shirt because he has no actual personality, they have been thrown together because it's funny that they're fat and dance. They won, because the WWE tag team division is "back," which means it has two meaningful teams at a time and guys who wrestle on the Ion channel and the internet. Brodus & Tensai might get to be one. They might not.